Carpet Brush

5" 1pc

Tired of scrubbing your carpets by hand to get them clean? Use the Nano Carpet Brush for Buffers and save valuable time and energy while improving your results! Cleaning your carpets can be tough with hard to reach areas and small nooks and crannies on the interior of your vehicle. Sometimes you simply can not get enough range of motion with your arm to clean your carpets effectively. This is where the Nano Carpet Brush for Buffers comes in handy!

This brush features a hook and loop backing which allows it to easily attach to your rotary or dual action backing buffer. That’s right, you can attach it directly to your buffer for added cleaning power! This brush measures 5″ in diameter, and is packed with semi-stiff polypropylene bristles that measure 7/8″ long. These bristles are soft, yet strong enough to deep clean your carpets with ease. Just like polishing your paint attaching this brush to your buffer provides a superior number of passes and coverage that is nearly impossible to duplicate by hand. To use it simply attach it to any hook and loop backing plate and then turn your buffer on and let it do the work for you.

Before you know it you will be left with clean carpets and mats that look like new! We also highly recommend using this brush on stubborn stains with a great carpet cleaning solution from Nano Auto Care. So what are you waiting for, save valuable energy and clean more effectively with the Nano Carpet Brush for Buffers today!