Detailing Clay Bar

Effective at lifting surface contaminants from car paintwork


DUCTILE AND FLEXIBLE –These Clay Bars are very ductile and flexible so it can be kneaded into different shapes, cleaning clay eliminate all kinds of contaminants above the surface of your vehicle’s paint such as paint splatters, fallout, environmental contaminants etc and result in a silky smooth paint finish.

REUSABLE –Our car cleaning products can be reused over and over again (About 40-50 uses) NOTE: Please do not use when it is too dirty. Clean the clay bar with water after using. Then, pack it in clean plastic wrap and place it in a shady area. In this way, the cleaning clay bar could get good stored.

NO SCRATCHES –Auto Care Clay Bars are made from premium materials which has great detergency and never left scratches or hurt car paint if use properly.

PROFESSIONAL CLAY –The car clay bar is used with water, as if it were a soap bath, be sure to use a lot of water while rubbing the car. They will make your car more beautiful and clearer. Can be used for paint surface, glass and chrome surfaces.

EFFECTIVE AND SAFE– The clay enables the wax to better adhere to the car body paint. Regular use helps the prevention of oxidation. By the car clay bar, you can clean your car easier, more effective and safer. Furthermore, this clay cleaner can not only use for car body, but also it is perfect for mirror, windshield, bumper, hub, and so on.