Super Shine Microfiber Towel 30cmX30cm

1 box (50pcs)

Nano Auto Care Super Shine Microfiber Towel is perfect for interior cleanings and on the exterior for removing: clay lube, polishes, glazes, sealants, waxes, etc. Great quality, super soft and absorbent. It measures 30cm x 30cm, making it extremely useful for ceramic application.

The micro-pores on each fiber will trap contaminants and particles allowing you to remove them from the surface safely and easily. Your vehicle has many delicate surfaces that you don’t want to risk adding fine scratches to because they are easily seen, like the: clear coat, navigation and DVD screens, LED displays, center console, gauges, coated wood, glass, wheels and more.

Don’t forget about the interior because this towel is great for leather care, glass care, polishing, dusting, around the house cleanings and much more. You can wash these towels (no fabric softener) and re-use them over and over again.