Menzerna develops and produces polishing pastes for the industrial processing of many different surfaces. From trades to bulk consumers with full automation. A broad range of products is offered for numerous industries and applications.

Automotive Polish From Germany

Menzerna preserves value, cares and protects – economically and safely. We have the right automotive polish for all clear coat applications. Tailored to the needs of industry and trades. Systematic polishing processes guarantee brilliant results in record time. Without silicones and fillers. We use the latest polishing technologies for our variable polishing system. Professional users in the vehicle detailing trade and coating operations save valuable time with Menzerna one-step products. We help you achieve the desired surface quality easily and economically with the thrifty use of materials.


For ideal polishing conditions after rough grinding: The classic, high-performance Menzerna car polishing pastes in the heavy cut segment. Scratches, overspray and severe signs of use are removed quickly, reliably and thoroughly. Innovative and highly abrasive one-step products with the latest polishing technology complete the heavy cut segment. Professional automotive polishes based on industrial process standards.


Our Medium Cut car polishing compounds is the best automotive polish for signs of use and moderate scratches: Medium cut automotive polishes from Menzerna – for a perfect surface with a brilliant gloss. Especially well-suited for light automotive coatings.


Menzerna finishes are perfect auto polish solutions for minor scratches, streaks and clouding in automotive polishing. They ensure an absolutely hologram-free surface with an exclusive gloss, all the way to a show car finish – even on black coatings.


Menzerna sealants offer long-lasting protection against environmental influences. For a protected, perceptibly smoother surface with a brilliant gloss. Ideal protection against dirt and optimum beading behaviour are guaranteed: the best polishing compounds for clear coats

Working systematically with economical automotive polishes

Fast processes and the sparing use of materials ensure economic efficiency. That is exactly what the Menzerna high-performance automotive polishes offer. They were developed based on many years of experience and in close cooperation with the automobile industry and leading coating manufacturers. In addition to reliable standard products, the variable 4-stage polishing system offers numerous alternatives: For flexible, safe processing depending on the order and the desired surface finish. For premium results in the shortest possible time. The latest polishing technologies ensure protection and lasting value. That is why our professional automotive polishes are valued and extensively applied by professional users. Vehicle detailers, coating shops, motor vehicle workshops, automobile manufacturers or private automobile and old-timer fans: They all rely on the quality of Menzerna automotive polishes.

Automotive clear coat polish: Four steps for brilliant results

Automotive polish for black and coloured coating surfaces: Specialists have a variety of requirements for automotive coatings: Removing scratches, runs, overspray, streaks, clouding and holograms. Blending methods need to be adapted and various gloss levels have to be produced. Reliable automotive polishes are also needed to restore existing surfaces. Long-lasting protection against environmental influences preserves the value of automobile clear coats. We at Menzerna are dedicated to improving economic efficiency. The sparing use of materials and short process times are priorities. We do not use silicones and fillers. This ensures you can enjoy honest polishing results. And we keep on getting better: We are always working on the development of new automotive polishes.