Nano Auto Care products offer a complete line of surface protection products. Their coating and film protection offerings are based on proven nano-ceramic technologies. For the best experience and enhanced performance, each product variation is specially formulated for a given application. In other words, they have a coating formula or paint protection film to protect just about any surface in existence.


Paint Protection Film

DIAMOND SHIELD, the premium Paint Protection Film made in USA is designed to protect your car against the elements. Backed by a 10 year warranty it is one of the most advanced paint protection films on the market. The entire DIAMOND SHIELD line up is virtually invisible and provides protection from everyday damages including scuffs, scratches, chips and more. Water Beading Self Healing

Automotive Window Films

Window film is a polyester film, usually made of Polyethylene Teraphthalate (“PET”). Most films are applied to the interior surface of a glass window automobile. Nano Auto Care films have a scratch resistant coating on the outer surface to protect the film. Their premium films ICE SHIELD, DIAMOND SHIELD and BLACK SHIELD from the USA feature up to 95% Heat Rejection with Nano Ceramic technology. All films come with their 10 Year Warranty.


Interior & Exterior Cleaners

Premium car cleaning products from Europe to keep your car looking brand new. Products ranging from waxes, scents to tire cleaning, Nano Auto Care offers a full range of cleaners for all cars.

Pads & Accessories

Nano Auto Care carry a range of high quality polishing pads and brushes of various sizes for car detailing along with spray heavy duty spray bottles and micro fiber towels.